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Attic Insulation Houston – Making Houston Homes Cozier, One Attic at a Time!

You know how Houston’s weather is all over the place? Hot today, chilly tomorrow – it’s always a surprise! But, we’ve got a solution for you: Attic Pro TX insulation. Think of us as a comfy sweater in winter and a cool fan in summer. No more battling with your home’s temperature. Just give us a call. We’re here to make your house the most comfortable spot in Houston. Every day, just the way you like it!

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Innovative Attic Solutions Tailored for Houston Homes

Insulation Installation: Picture this – your home feeling just right, cool in summer and cozy when Houston gets a nip in the air.

Outdated Insulation Removal: Over time, insulation can wear out. No worries! We’re on it, replacing the old with the new for top-notch warmth.

Attic Check-Up: We’re the experts, scouting your attic to ensure the insulation is spot-on for Houston. Any little snags? We catch them early.

Air Sealing: Let’s seal in that delightful summer cool and winter warmth. Your home deserves the best shield.

Here at Attic Pro TX, we blend expertise with genuine Houston love, aiming for your ultimate indoor comfort. Dream of perfect temperatures? Just a call away!


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Professional Attic Services

Seal the Warmth, Save the Wealth!

Professional Attic Services

Seal the Warmth, Save the Wealth!

Get Instant Price Quote

Why Choose Us

High quality Products
Licensed, Bonded and Insured
Fast and Reliable Services
Competitive Pricing
Available throughout the entire process
Highly Rated Company
Warranties on All Products
Experienced and Professional Technicians

Our Services Include:

Attic Pro Houston

Attic Insulation Installation – Houston's Comfort Solution

In Houston, the weather keeps us on our toes. That’s where Attic Pro TX steps in. We use top-tier tools to quickly spot areas in your home that might not be keeping you as warm or cool as you’d like. Wondering if fiberglass or spray foam is right for you? We guide you through the choices. With the right insulation, not only do you feel more comfortable, but you also save on those energy bills. Partner with Attic Pro TX, and let’s ensure your home feels just right, every single day. Comfort, efficiency, and peace of mind—all in one package.

Expert Attic Insulation Removal with Attic Pro TX

Understanding the necessity of professional attic insulation removal is key to maintaining your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. At Attic Pro TX, we specialize in:

Comprehensive Inspection: We identify and rectify hidden issues that could be hampering your home’s insulation effectiveness.

Safe & Thorough Removal: Our team ensures a safe and meticulous removal of old, damaged, or contaminated insulation.

Energy Efficiency: With proper attic insulation removal and replacement, we help you save significantly on your energy bills.

Experience and Expertise: Serving Houston, TX, we leverage our expertise to provide top-tier attic insulation services tailored to your needs.

Houston Attic Insulation


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Sunny was a great guy. He came right away same day I called their office. He had a thorough inspection of our attic. He was very honest and he is not pushy. I was impressed on how he presented all the issues and concerns. He gave us a good price for bundle of service that was needed. His team were hardworking people that were very polite and respectful. They did their job in the middle of this heat without complaint. They made sure that we are updated on the course of their work.snd assured us that we will have the AC that day. Sunny came day after they finished and inspected their work. He made sure that nothing was overlooked and that we are 100 percent satisfied. I will highly recommend !!thithem
Alfred Franklin
Alfred Franklin
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Andrew the salesman I give 5 stars he was really good and respectful when explaining my attic duct replacement. The workers were ok their English wasn't good and when I needed them to come back out because of the distribution of air was off balance they tried to make it right I don't think they were that experienced. I had leaks in the ducts and still do. They left some trash around. I wanted the owner to come out and see why I was calling them to come fix things he refused or had other appointments and didn't try to come or call for a later visit.
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They are highly PROFESSIONAL & HONEST technicians in San Antonio for attic insulation services. We called them last week. They did a detailed inspection & came with the solution to our problems & did an amazing job. 100% Recommended!!!
Elizabeth Turner
Elizabeth Turner
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Great service and fast response time! Had an excellent experience with Andrew and his team. Our attic and crawlspaces were filthy with lots of rat and rodent droppings. They pulled everything out, sanitized the attic, and put in new ductwork. I wish we had done it years ago. I highly recommend Andrew. I feel so much better now about the air my family is breathing.
Lupai David
Lupai David
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Great pricing, very flexible on scheduling, and very organized in terms of the billing process, and as far as the work goes, they have their own proprietary insulation that they use for the attic. They are very highly rated and recommended.
Attic Insulation Houston

Attic Inspection & Upgrades

Thinking of Insulating Your Houston Home? Here’s Why You Should Choose Attic Pro TX:

  1. Precision Tools We’ve got some pretty cool tools that help us get the job done right.
  2. Safety First: We’re all about keeping everyone safe. When we show up, we’re geared up.
  3. R-Value Guidance: It’s okay if you’re scratching your head about the whole R-value thing. We’ll help you figure out just the right insulation for our Houston weather.
  4. Comprehensive Inspections: When we inspect, we look everywhere! Gaps, unexpected damp spots, anything that shouldn’t be there – we’re on it.
  5. Transparent Feedback After we’ve had a good look around, we’ll sit down for a coffee (or tea) and chat about what we’ve found. And of course, we’ll guide you on the best steps forward.

Cooler Summers, Warmer Winters – Perfect Attic Insulation!

Our premium, budget-friendly services include:

✅ Expert Attic Insulation
✅ Tailored Insulation Solutions
✅ Professional Rodent Proofing
✅ Thorough Attic Decontamination
✅ Precision Energy Efficiency Evaluations
✅ Advanced Thermal Insulation Installation
✅ Efficient Mold & Fungus Treatments
✅ Quick Response Emergency Insulation Services

Contact us today and discover why we’re Houston’s preferred choice for all attic insulation needs! 

Attic Insulation In Houston

Houston, Be a Part of the Attic Pro TX Family!

Houston is an incredible blend of tradition and modernity. And just as this city is diverse and dynamic, we at Attic Pro TX are dedicated to serving all its homes, whether vintage or brand-new. As passionate as you are about Houston, we’re zealous about keeping your homes comfortable. Let’s join forces. With Attic Pro TX, you get Houston’s spirit combined with unparalleled attic care.


Why Opt for Attic Pro TX for Insulation in Houston?

Hello, fellow Houstonian! Attic Pro TX is proudly based in Houston. We’re a local team with a genuine passion for our city. Our expertise combined with our local insights ensures your home gets the insulation it truly deserves.

Is Insulation Worth the Investment in My Houston Attic?

Absolutely! Boosting your attic’s insulation not only enhances energy efficiency but also makes your home more comfortable and can increase its resale value.

What's the Suggested R-value for an Attic in Houston, Texas?

When it comes to insulation, the R-value is crucial. For Houston’s warm climate, an R-value between R30 and R60 is recommended. But don’t worry about the details; Attic Pro TX has got you covered!

How Do I Book an Appointment with Attic Pro TX?

Setting up an appointment is super easy! Visit our website and select the “Schedule Appointment” button or dial (210) 750-6966. Our friendly Houston-based team awaits your call. Let’s transform your attic into the pinnacle of comfort.

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