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When it’s very hot in the summer, keeping your house cool is a big deal. It makes you feel good and can even help you pay less for energy. A main reason your house might feel too hot is because of the windows. The sun shining in through the windows can warm up your place, making your air cooling system work more.

Thankfully, there are smart ways to keep too much heat from getting in through the windows. This helps your house stay cool, even on super-hot days. Let’s look at four ways to make this happen.

Use Window Films

Window films are like a thin sticker for your windows. They work by bouncing back the sun’s light or soaking it up before it can get into your home.

Good Points: Not-So-Good Points:
They're easy to put up, can make less glare, and give you more privacy.
They might make it a bit darker inside since they block some natural light.

Install Solar Screens

Solar screens are put on the outside of your windows. They block a lot of sunlight from hitting the glass.

Good Points: Not-So-Good Points:
They're really good at stopping heat and protecting against sun damage.
They can change how your windows look from the outside.

Invest in Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains have a special lining that keeps the heat out (or in) by insulating your windows.

Good Points: Not-So-Good Points:
They come in many styles, so they can look nice while they work.
You have to keep them closed to block heat, which can make your room dark.

Add External Shading

Things like awnings or overhangs outside your window can block sunlight directly.

Good Points: Not-So-Good Points:
They're very good at stopping sunlight, which reduces heat inside.
Putting them up can be a bit of work, and they might cost more.

Each of these methods can help keep your home cooler by blocking heat from your windows. You can choose one based on what you need, how you want it to look, and how much you want to spend.

Window Heat Block Strategies

Strategy Installation Ease Aesthetic Impact Effectiveness
Window Films
Solar Screens
Thermal Curtains
External Shading

Each way to keep your house cool has its own good points and not-so-good points. Picking the best one depends on what you need, what you like, and how your house is built.

Benefits of Blocking Heat from Your Windows

When you stop too much sun heat from getting inside your house through the windows, you do more than just keep your place cooler. It helps your air cooler (AC) not to work too much. Because of this, you pay less for electricity and also help the Earth by not using too much energy. It’s a small step that can really help both your pocket and our planet.

Choosing the Right Strategy

When selecting the best way to block heat from your windows, consider the following:

Your Budget: Aesthetic Preferences: Installation Feasibility:
Some options are more cost-effective than others.
How important is the visual impact on your home?
Consider whether you're looking for a DIY solution or something that requires professional installation.

Keeping Your Home Comfortable and Efficient

Keeping your house cool and saving on energy bills goes hand in hand. When your air conditioning isn’t pushed to its limits, you end up paying less for electricity. It’s a win-win: your wallet is happier, and so is our planet.

Keeping Your Home Comfortable - attic pro

Let Attic Pro Help You Beat the Heat

At Attic Pro in San Antonio, TX, we understand how crucial it is to have a cool, comfortable home that doesn’t cost a fortune to maintain. Our team is passionate about finding the best ways to increase your home’s comfort and worth. Whether you’re looking for solar screens, window films that block out the heat, or other clever ways to save energy, we’re ready to help.

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Summer heat shouldn’t make your home a no-go zone. We’ve got the insider tips to keep your place chill, cozy, and energy-smart. Reach out to Attic Pro and see how we can help you keep the heat at bay this summer.

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