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A crawl space is an unoccupied and unused space between the ground floor and the first floor. This space is known as crawl space because it has only enough space left so that a person can crawl only. The main reason behind leaving a crawl space is that it provides support to the living areas above it. Crawl spaces provide structural support to a house. Notwithstanding the advantages of crawl space, it has certain disadvantages.

Mostly there are two types of crawl spaces, one which is ventilated and the because it has the potential to eliminate the moisture from the crawl space. While ventilated crawl space does not let moisture settle inside them, sometimes water comes inside the crawl space which can damage the whole structure of the house. This is the reason why everybody puts emphasis on the insulation of the crawl spaces.

When the crawl spaces are properly insulated then no chance of mold or mildew developing inside it stands. The most common material used to insulate a crawl space is the use of fiberglass. It is very essential to insulate a crawl space to avoid any structural damage to the home. To insulate crawl space, one should always prefer the services of experts. If you are from San Antonio, Texas then you need not worry about anything because the Attic Pro Insulation has its base in San Antonio, Texas.

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