You have heard them in the late night hours’ crawl and running about, the sound is like nails on a chalkboard but what can you do about rodents in your home? There are a number of reasons why this issue needs to be addressed as quickly as possible not only can these tiny little pests bring a number of potential health concerns but they can cause severe damage to your home. Rodents can find a number of ways to get into your home and once they do they can quickly multiply and escalate into a serious problem.

One of the places that various rodents will make their home is in the insulation of your attic and walls. This material is the perfect place for them to hide and it can be a challenge to retrieve them from the crawl spaces and inside the walls to completely rid them from your home. One of the first things you can do to keep the rodents from accessing your home in the first place is to close off any small space they can find their way through. Spaces as small as a quarter of an inch in size is big enough for rodents to make their way into your home. These small entryways are often found between the roof and eaves, in the siding and can be cracks or holes in the foundation. Since most of these holes are difficult to see easily it is best to have a professional take a look at your home to determine where there are possible openings that can be the perfect entrance for rodents.

Your home’s crawl space is an ideal place for rodents so it is highly recommended that these spaces are properly examined for openings that rodents can squeeze in and that they are properly insulated or sealed. Any heating and cooling vents also need to be carefully examined for holes since these provide an easy way for the rodents to get around your home. Some additional actions you may want to take to make your own less inviting for rodents is to keep and stored items in your attic that paper or clothing items, stored in a large plastic sealable container.

If you are concerned about potentially having a rodent infestation, then you will want to take the necessary precautions to rid your home from these critters and make sure it is properly cleaned to remove any leftover droppings and nest. By having a duct cleaning and insulation service performed on your home regularly each year you can reduce the risk of your home becoming infected by rodents or other pests. If you have had a rodent problem in the past, then your insulation should be replaced with new insulation. While you may have rid your home of these pests their droppings can still remain in the insulation and walls of your home and this is what can cause serious health issues for you and your family.

The professionals at Attic Pro can assist you in replacing the insulation in your home that was once infested with rodents. Attic Pro professionals understand the serious risks that come with keeping insulation in your home that may be contaminated with rodent droppings and nests. To get your home back in order give Attic Pro a call at 884-892-8842.

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