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Insulation is the most common practice which is used to stop heat from escaping from a closed premise. There is also a type of insulation that prevents heat from coming inside the house. Insulation has so many benefits. It saves our money and the environment from carbon dioxide. Every household should follow this process so that their money and environment both can be saved. We all know about the benefits of insulation but we don’t know the different types of materials used in insulation. Let us discuss some common materials which are used in insulation.

  1. Fibreglass

This is the most effective material which is used for insulation. Fine glass and plastic filaments are woven together to form fiberglass. This material is also the most used because it is inexpensive and non-flammable.

  1. Cellulose

It is an environmentally friendly and popular form of material that is used for insulation. It is made by recycling materials such as cardboard and paper. It comes in a loose form which compacts itself after insulation.

  1. Mineral Wool

This material is made of recycled materials such as recycled glass, basalt, and slag wools which are created from slag in the steel mills. There is one disadvantage in using this material that it is not fire-resistant and it is dangerous to use this material in areas of extreme heat.

  1. Polyurethane Foam

It is a lightweight form of insulation that has high insulation power. This material is used in the spray foam method of insulation and it is used to fill small gaps so that cannot be escaped.

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