Tormented By Pests In Your Attic? Take It Seriously

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Rodent proofing is an important part of a clean home.  Because of how warm and cozy the attic and crawl space can be, rats, mice and squirrels often make it their home. But cohabiting with rodents can be extremely dangerous. Thankfully, it is possible to get rid of them without much fuss with the help of professional Rodent Proofing and Rodent Control Houston.

What Rodents can do to your home?

Rodents live together in large populations. These pests, when they infect your house, damage architecture, eat away at your stored food and clothing, and compel you to live in constant fear of their presence. But besides this, they can also damage your ductwork and cause air conditioning issues. Tearing away your insulation to create nests is one of the first steps of a rodent invasion. These rodents and their defecation give rise to pathogens that breed diseases. A couple of dead rats on top of that – the smell and the flies can make your lives literal hell.

How can Rodent Proofing be done?

Insulation or cleanup is never complete without rodent proofing. Rodent proofing is done by capturing the rodents as well as poisoning them. Poisoning is the harder one and must be done carefully. After the rodents are removed completely, the process needs to be succeeded with cleaning the Attic and Crawl Space in Houston and sealing all cracks and openings so it does not happen again. In the end, you might also require a follow-up with Air Duct Repair and Replacement Houston.


If you suspect a pest invasion, immediate steps must be taken to ensure the safety of your family or workplace. Rats breed very quickly and these are kind of their favorite places. Besides, having to pay a much greater price later on for the insulation damage is not worth it. The longer they live, their population grows, and the bolder they get with their misadventures. Start with a thorough inspection of the house and do not forget to carry out the whole process of cleaning, replacing, and mending to keep yourself secured in the future.