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Anti-Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Cleaning Service for San Antonio, and Houston Texas.

Coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, has continued its spread around the state of Texas. As a result, Attic Pro extends its hands to local businesses and homes, with the hope to minimize the risk from the virus. We are fully equipped and experienced with extensive training in sanitation services and cleaning. We offer cleaning services for hospitals, small and large businesses, homes, and various offices and storage units.
Attic Pro is government certified with EPA and abides by Emerging Pathogen Standard for all its sanitation services. If you believe that your home or work place has been exposed to the coronavirus, extensive sanitation is a must. For additional information or to schedule your service please call Attic Pro today.

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Thermal Imaging Attic Inspection Special

Are you paying too much for your utilities? Let the attic insulation specialists at Attic Pro find out. We use thermal imaging technology to identify sources of heating and cooling loss, so that you can know your home is properly insulated and your hard earned money stays where it belongs – your pocket!