You want to ensure that your home, office or building is always at a comfortable temperature. Most often when the seasons change and it starts getting colder the first instinct is to turn up the heat and to continue turning it up until the right temperature is maintained. But, continuous turning up the heat can increase your heating bills significantly and most times this can be avoided. There are many ways heat can escape your home when it is hot and humid out this is a welcomed occurrence, but when the temperature drops you want the heat to stay in your space. When you find yourself adjusting the thermostat constantly and find is a challenge to maintain a comfortable and warm temperature this can be the result of heat escaping to various cracks and leaks in your home or office. This can be impossible to find or see without the proper equipment.

Thermal inspections utilize an infrared laser to help find possible drafts and leaks in your home or office. Using a special designed, high-quality thermal imaging camera you will be able to visually see where heat is escaping in your home. When you can identify where the leaks are coming from you can better create a plan to address and eliminate these leaks.

Benefits of a Thermal Inspection:

  • A thermal inspection can identify where they roof leaks in your home when performed one or two days after it has rained.
  • When you have a thermal inspection performed on your home you will see where there is excess moisture building up in your home. Excess moisture in eh walls can lead to rot, mold or mildew which can not only be hazardous to your home but also to your health.
  • Thermal inspections are often done to identify where there are insulation gaps or where insulation is uneven in your home.
  • If you are considering having heating or cooling ducts installed a thermal inspection will identify just where they should be placed for optimal efficiency.
  • Thermal inspection can also identify where you are having energy wastage.


Thermal inspection can be performed in homes, offices or larger commercial or residential buildings. This is a common service performed to help identify where there is heat loss in the location. By identifying where the loss of heat is coming from a better plan can be created to help eliminate or at least reduce this loss of heat. This, in turn, can have an impact on your monthly heating and cooling bills. By finding where the leaks and drafts are coming from you can better take action to find a solution and correct this common problem. Attic Pro professional attic insulation company has the state of the art technology to help you identify where your heat loss is coming from. Once they have uncovered where the heat loss is located they can work with your to come up with a solution to eliminating this unwanted energy loss. Attic Pro serves Greater Houston Area as can assist you with your thermal inspection. Give them a call at 884-892-8842.

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