Everything You Need To Know About Attics

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Attics, when left untouched for quite some time, can prove to be quite a hassle. All of sudden, we are faced with all sorts of problems that people say (and rightly so) originated from the attic. But it need not be quite as unmanageable after all. Here is a guide to everything you need to know about making your attic as good as new again.

What is Attic Insulation?

Attic Insulation Services Houston refers to the safeguarding of the attic from external weather and preventing heat exchange. An uninsulated attic can lead to irregular temperatures throughout the building. It can cause your bills to rise as high as anything. The heat damages air ducts and further causes a loss of energy and air conditioning.

Insulations are done by professionals. The materials used depend on climate, nature of infrastructure, and personal preference. They can use Spray Foam Insulation Houston or material fit according to the clients’ wishes. A trained team can ensure that no nook in your attic has been left exposed to the harsh winters or scorching summers. But especially, they will pay attention to the attic door, attic hatch, and attic ductwork. Yup, you heard us right; your attic ductwork needs immediate insulation. But how much insulation does one need? Insulation is measured by the R-value 38, which ranges from 10 – 14 inches. A specialist will be able to give you the correct estimate.

What is Attic Cleaning?

Attics can be very messy. Attic Clean Up Services in Houston involves deep cleansing of the attic. It removes odor, cleans damaged insulation, and can even rodent proof. Attic cleaning is a multi-step process. It starts with an inspection of the area and is followed by prep work. All existing storage items, furniture, and insulation are removed. The whole area is cleaned, sanitized, repaired and rodent proofed according to requirements.


Periodic cleaning and repair can save you a lot of money and trouble. An insulated attic is almost a necessity these days, especially during the cold season. Before you agree to the job, have your technician inspect the situation and provide you with custom-designed insulation and cleaning that meet your immediate requirements.