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When you’re looking for an insulation contractor in San Antonio, TX essential to find one that’s experienced; at Attic Pro LLC, we have been installing spray foam insulation and helping homeowners with their attics. We’ve developed relationships with some of the business’s best manufacturers, allowing us to offer high-quality spray foam and products at competitive prices. Insulation can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. The proper insulation can help you save energy and keep your home comfortable all year. We’ve put this guide to help you know more about the different types of insulation available in San Antonio and how they compare based on several key factors:

  • Cost per square foot installed.
  • R-value per inch thickness
  • Thermal efficiency or U-factor
  • Accessibility or whether it is near me?
Busting R-value insulation MYTHS

Properly insulating your home means selecting the proper R-value for each area of your home.
When choosing the proper R-value for your home, it’s essential to understand what this measurement means and how it applies to your situation. In simple terms, the R-value measures resistance to heat flow through a material. A higher R-value means more heat energy will be required for that material to transfer heat through it leading to lower efficiency. When you’re insulating your home, you’ll want to make sure you pick an appropriate level of insulation based on where you live and how cold or warm it gets outside during the winter season.

In colder climates with frequent temperature drops, it’s recommended that you choose insulation with an R-value between 13 and 17 per inch of thickness–depending on whether any walls need added support. Suppose you live somewhere like Texas, where temperatures rarely drop below freezing. In that case, getting less insulation than those recommended ranges should be fine since there will be much difference between having none and wearing jeans instead of sweatpants during winter.

Attic Pro TX Insulation

Attic Pro Insulation is a top-rated insulation contractor in San Antonio, TX.
It is a family-owned and operated business providing top-quality insulation services to the San Antonio area. We are licensed, insured, BBB accredited, and National Insulation Contractors Association (NICA) member. Our customers consistently recommend us because we provide exceptional service—from start to finish.
One thing you should know about Attic Pro LLC is that we won’t let you down when it comes time for installation or repairs. We have been trained by some of the best contractors in the industry; they taught us how to perform quality work at fair prices so our clients can rest assured knowing they got their money’s worth when hiring us for an attic insulation project. Attic Pro Insulation offers 24/7 emergency service.

America Air Duct Cleaning Services

At America Air Duct Cleaning & Insulation Services in San Antonio, TX, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned business. We have been in business for a long time and have built a reputation for providing quality artistry and customer service. We offer:
Top services installation of spray foam insulation throughout the San Antonio area
A lifetime guarantee on our artistry
Licensed and insured contractors

We hope you’ve found this list helpful in choosing the best insulation contractor for your home. With so many options available, knowing which is right can take time, effort, and the one near me. To help narrow down the field, consider which factors matter most when looking into an attic insulation contractor and what their experience level is with each of these areas: efficiency, cost per square foot or ton of material installed, customer service record, warranties offered by company policy versus state law such as Texas requires five years for materials installed under the roof sheathing.