Benefits of Insulation

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Insulation has so many advantages and it is very fruitful to get your house insulated. It has both economical and mental benefits. Insulation improves energy efficiency and saves around 40% to 50% of cooling and heating energy. Insulation controls heat flow and acts as a barrier to heat. It doesn’t let heat escape in winter and keep the heat out in summers. In this way, it helps in increasing the efficiency of your cooling or heating system and lets you save on energy bills. Following are some of the benefits of insulation.

  1. It reduces the heating and cooling cost by 40%.
  2. The life span of insulation is around five to six years which means it is very economical as well.
  3. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions as it uses less energy in heating or cooling and saves non-renewable resources.
  4. Insulation removes or eliminates condensation on walls and ceilings in most cases.
  5. Acoustic insulation properties are used in most thermal insulation materials.

In most of the houses, only ceilings and walls are insulated. But still, heat can escape. For effective insulation, one needs to insulate various parts of a house which includes ceiling, wall, underfloor, and sealing all the gaps around doors and windows. If the said parts are sealed and properly insulated no heat will be escaped during winter and insulation will also work effectively.

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