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Radiant Barrier

Radiant barrier service of Attic Pro is your home’s first stage of defense against the radiant heat loss and radiant heat gain. Through the service that we offer, most homeowners and building owners in both residential and commercial locations are able to gain a better control of their cooling and heating cost while effectively enjoying the welcoming serenity of their living environment. To make this happen, everyone must acquire a better solution by lowering his or her utility bills. Understandably, one of the keys there is to let them have an effective heat management. When looking for the right service provider to let you earn the lifetime benefit of your cooling and heating system, feel free to call (844) 892-8842 any time at your convenience.

About Radiant Barrier

Radiant barriers are installed in the home, which is usually seen in attics in order to reduce the heat gain during summer as well as lower the cooling cost. The barriers are consist of highly reflective material, which effectively reflects the radiant heat instead of absorbing them. However, radiant barriers do not reduce the heat conduction like what the thermal insulation materials do.

As what we know, there are 3 different classifications of heat – the radiant heat, the conductive heat and the convective heat. Insulation can be combined in the latter two. The overall purpose of the greater amount of insulation found in your home or in your attic is to delay the conductive heat gain or heat loss in an effective manner. One issue with the insulation is that with the escalation of humidity and temperature, such as what we endure here in Houston. And the effectiveness of good amount of insulation is reduced dramatically.

How Radiant Barrier Works

The heat is traveling from an area to another area, which is cooler in a combination of radiation, convection, and conduction. The heat is flowing by a conduction from a hotter area within an assembly or a material to a colder area – like the spoon is placed in a hot coffee conducting a heat from its handle going to your hand. The heat is transferring by a convection that occurs when the gas or liquid is heated, becoming less dense, and then rises. As the gas or liquid cools, it is becoming denser and it falls. The radiant heat is traveling will travel through a straight line, which is away from any surface and heats any solid materials that effectively absorbs its energy.

The most common materials for insulation will work by slowing the flow of conductive heat and lower the extent of the convective flow of heat. The radiant barrier service of Attic Pro, as well as the reflective insulation system we create, will effectively work by reducing the radiant heat gain. To make it even more effective, we let the reflective surface face an air space. The dust accumulation over the reflective surface will directly reduce the reflective capability. We will be installing a radiant barrier in order to minimize the dust accumulation on your reflective surface.

When the sun heats the roof, the radiant energy of it will make the roof hot. The heat that it creates will travel by a conduction through your roofing material going to the attic side part of the roof. The materials affected by the heat will radiate, gaining hot energy into the cooler surface of your attic, including the attic floor and air ducts. The radiant barrier installed by Attic Pro can help reduce the transfer of the radiant heat from the roof’s underside to the other available surface of your attic.

We understand that radiant barriers are working best when it was perpendicular to a radiant energy striking in it. In addition, we know that the greater the difference in the temperature between the sides of radiant barrier material, the bigger the benefits that it offers to the homeowners. It is more effective, especially in hot season, especially if the cooling air ducts are seen in the attic. With Attic Pro, you are guaranteed that you can effectively reduce your cooling cost by up to five to ten percent when it is used in warm season. The reduction of the heat gain may also be allowed in a smaller system of the air conditioning. On the other hand, in the cold weather, having a radiant barrier at home will ensure an even more cost-effective solution.

Radiant Barriers Using Foil

Radiant barrier insulation using a foil will effectively work in order to reflect away the radiant heat back into the insulated space that is properly made. It will allow a convective and conductive heat loss and heat gain through your insulation to work even efficiently while adding comfort and reduce the heating and cooling deficiencies and utility energy consumption. Unlike the insulation, the colder or hotter it becomes, the more superior and effective the radiant barrier in lowering the insulating deficiencies of your living space. Perhaps we are already aware that energy costs are really rising. We know it because it is the reality. However, things must not appear that way over a lifetime. There is now a better solution, as Attic Pro is here to help. We will offer you a radiant barrier service not just to let you save energy cost usage but also let your space become a better place to live.

Our Radiant Barrier Installation Service

The effectiveness of your radiant barrier will effectively depend on the proper installation. Being said, apparently, you need the one that holds combined experience and wealth of knowledge in the industry f installation. We have certified installers who acquired proper training. We also use the most appropriate and up-to-date equipment to install your radiant barrier.

Whether it is a commercial building or a residential home, we will make a way to let you acquire the best of the best. The professionals here in Attic Pro are dedicated to offering value to your service investment. By having our service, you can save a time and money, as you are given an energy efficient solution, allowing you to save from utility cost in energy usage.

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