Anti-coronavirus (Covid-19) Disinfection & Sanitation Service

Anti-Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Cleaning Service for San Antonio, and Houston Texas.

Coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, has continued its spread around the state of Texas. As a result, Attic Pro extends its hands to local businesses and homes, with the hope to minimize the risk from the virus. We are fully equipped and experienced with extensive training in sanitation services and cleaning. We offer cleaning services for hospitals, small and large businesses, homes, and various offices and storage units.

Attic Pro is government certified with EPA and abides by Emerging Pathogen Standard for all its sanitation services. If you believe that your home or work place has been exposed to the coronavirus, extensive sanitation is a must. For additional information or to schedule your service please call Attic Pro today.

Here is a list of things that you can start doing right now to make your facility safer:

FAQs about Anti-Coronavirus/COVID-19 Disinfection & Sanitation

Common questions regarding Disinfection & Sanitation services related to COVID-19.

Yes–our protocol for Disinfection & Sanitation a facility where a COVID-19 infection has been confirmed is quite extensive, and involves full biohazard Disinfection & Sanitation procedures. These additional procedures are mostly for the protection of our employees. For example, when working in this situation, they wear full PPE gear, work in teams of three to monitor each other, and dispose of used Disinfection & Sanitation products in specific ways.

Because the virus is so new, the EPA has not tested and established efficacy protocols or inactivation claims. In layman’s terms, that means that nobody can say with 100% certainty that a particular Disinfection & Sanitation product is effective against COVID-19–and anyone who makes such a claim at this point is not being truthful.

That being said, the EPA has issued “Guidance to registrants: process for making claims against emerging viral pathogens not on EPA-registered disinfectant labels,” which at this time establishes approved products. An eligible product must meet the criteria in the document in order to make limited claims about disinfectant efficacy. ServiceMaster disinfectants that can make this claim in line with dwell times and product labels are Peridox, Virex Plus, Sanimaster 7, Sanimaster 6, and Decon 30.

At this time, we can do a deep Disinfection & Sanitation for facilities that are not a current customer, but as the virus spreads and the demand for Disinfection & Sanitation services increases, we must prioritize existing customers. The best way to make sure we can serve your needs is to sign up now for our janitorial Disinfection & Sanitation service so we can become familiar with your facility and your Disinfection & Sanitation needs.

While we stand ready to assist any businesses affected by the Coronavirus to disinfect their facility, there are many preemptive steps facility managers can take on their own to reduce the risk to employees, members of the public, and anyone visiting your building.